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Welcome to my virtual home!

I’m very humbled and happy that you’ve taken the time to come check me out. I hope that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for even if you don’t know what it is.

I’m currently working on publishing my first book -Right Mind Wrong Body, The Ultimate Trans Guide to be Complete and live a Fulfilled live.- It has taken longer than I expected to publish due to my sometimes “perfectionist” personality but the wait will be worth it.

I love helping people but more importantly, I love helping people help themselves. That’s why I wrote the book. Not because I think that I have the answer to every question, but because I believe in the message that I have to share with others. Although many people will relate to my own journey and my story, I know that many people will also have a completely different story. And that’s the beauty of the world we live in. The more diverse and colorful it is, the more enjoyable and exciting it gets.

Even though you will discover many things about me in the book, keep in mind that the book is not for me or about me. I’m a fairly private person but I came to realize that in order to help others, I have to open up more so that people can relate. So this website is me opening up to you, inviting you into my world so that one word at a time, I can help you become the person you’ve always meant to be.

In the meantime, keep being awesome by shining your light!




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