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I was talking to someone the other day and the more our conversation went on, the more I realized that the person had made up their mind about me; it was something they said that made me think twice about why they assumed that they knew me or why they had a certain image of who I was before they actually got to know me. It was something along the lines of “you are very strict and complicated.” I thought about it for a while and I forced myself to see things from their perspective; then I realized that what they were saying is that they are not used to people who have certain expectations from other people.

What’s interesting about that and helps me be comfortable with it, is the fact that I set high expectations and standards because that’s how I do things myself. It would be hypocritical for me to expect someone not to be flaky when I’m consistently backing out of my word. And one thing I realized is that everyone that I’ve ever admired and emulated has the same standards. So I decided to make a list of my top 12 pet peeves. Here we go…

12 Pet peeves:

1. People who don’t respond to messages or return phone calls. 
2. People who don’t respect other people’s time.
3. People who burn bridges, don’t apologize, don’t try to rebuild them and expect everything to automatically return to normal.
4. People who assume they know something based on a single factor they’ve observed.
5. People who give advice on something they have no practical knowledge on. Theory, TV, books or someone you know doesn’t mean YOU know.
6. People who want you to respect their beliefs but shame you for yours.
7. People who get excited about things but don’t follow through with action.
8. People who are natural “takers” but have a hard time giving back or when they give, have to make sure the entire world knows that they gave.
9. People who are constantly trying to compete against others because they have to prove something.
10. People who always know all the things that are NOT going to work and never come up with practical solutions.
11. People who can’t say “I don’t know” but rather give any opinion even if they have nothing intelligent to say.
12. LAZINESS in any shape or form.

I think most people would agree with these… and if you find yourself having/doing any of these things, don’t be too hard on yourself. Recognize it and do your best to change that behavior. Nobody is perfect but great things happen to people who are continuously improving themselves. 

And remember, if you want more out of life, you have to BE more first.

What pet peeves do you agree with the most and what are your pet peeves? I’d like to hear from you… leave a comment below!

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