7 Characteristics of Great Achievers Part 6 of 7


*I define high achievers or great achievers, the people who have gone above and beyond in any area of their lives and have accomplished more than the average person. This is not an inclusive list, but I limited it to seven. One for each day of the week.

***If you missed the previous parts, here is Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

Part 6: Great Achievers Take ACTION!

It’s very important to know what you want. We’ve already established that in Part 1. And knowing what you want is only a step toward getting it. There is a big difference between knowing and doing. Many people are full of theory. They know a lot, and sometimes more than they need to know (it’s possible…), but they never do anything about it. Have you ever heard someone give advice on how to have a successful relationship but their love life is in the toilet? Just because you know it and have read every single book there is to know about it, it doesn’t mean that you actually know. Knowledge is only “potential” power. It turns into power when we act on it.

Here are 3 action steps you can implement in your life today in order to turn what you know into what you do:

1. Make a plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Let’s say you want to build a house. First you have to know exactly what you want; but between knowing and having, there are a lot of steps in between. The first step is to hire an architect (unless you’re one yourself) to draw the plans, so that when the contractors are building it they have something to guide them. This process applies to every single goal you’re trying to accomplish.

2. Practice making quick decisions

The more you learn to trust your intuition, the better you become at making quick decisions. This is a very crucial skill because there are opportunities that only come once, and there are even more opportunities that do not last long. Great achievers make quick decisions and evaluate opportunities quickly also because they value their time. Don’t get stuck with the “analysis paralysis” syndrome. Trust yourself enough to know that every choice you make is right and that God and the entire universe will see it through.

3. Make sacrifices

Prioritizing your time means knowing that there is a time to relax and watch TV and there is a time to get some work done, and do the things that will take you where you want to go. Taking action now sometimes means postponing pleasure and sacrificing instant gratification; it means doing what most people are not willing to do now because they think it’s “hard” so that you can have what most people don’t have because they think it’s “luck.”


  • Doing is better than being
  • Information overload happens when you know too much in theory but never take action
  • The best dreams happen when we’re awake. It’s great to dream but only actions will turn your dreams into reality.

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