9 Secrets to Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Good bye 2014 and hello 2015!
It’s that time of the year again, when we reflect on the time spent (or wasted), the past and future goals and accomplishments, and more. Many people make New Year’s resolutions every year; I would say that 90% of those who do don’t get past the first month, that 90% of those who do, don’t make it past half of the year and that 90% of those who do don’t make it ’till the end. Those numbers might be slightly exaggerated but the truth is it’s not your fault! If making a resolution becomes a chore, it will put too much pressure on you.
Here are 9 secrets to make easy resolutions without setting yourself up for failure:
  1. Ask yourself why you’re making a resolution: If it’s out of routine or because everybody else is doing it, it won’t be effective. I personally make resolutions so that I can look back at them at the end of the year and realize what I’ve accomplished. Resolutions are a great way of having something tangible for a fresh start in a new direction.
  2. Start right away: Before you know it, february will be right around the corner and because it is the shortest month of the year, it will be gone in the blink of an eye. Write down your resolutions no later than the end of the first week of January.
  3. Limit them to a maximum of 5: It’s quality versus quantity and less is easily trackable and achievable. Just because you have less doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish more things if you choose to later one. With a maximum of five, you will have less pressure and more rewards.
  4. Make a standard main resolution (even if it’s the only one): Your first resolution should be along the lines of integrity. Make it about keeping your word, doing what you said you’d do, finishing what you’ve started, being true to yourself, etc. Focusing on that resolution will set the tone for the rest of them.
  5. Start with the end in mind: Think about the rewards of the results so that no matter how “tough” things may get, you will know that the rewards will be worth the work; make it fun, worthwhile and exciting. Ask yourself why you want it and if you don’t feel excited about your answer, then it’s not a strong enough reason and not worth it as much as you think.
  6. Keep it simple: Your resolutions should be achievable; planning too big of a leap from where you are now will discourage you. You cannot plan for a 6 packs when you’re 100 pounds overweight. They should also be trackable; how will you know that you’re on the right track? Write milestones that will help you recognize progress. Lastly, you should be able to accomplish them with the resources that you have now and should not be dependent on anyone else.
  7. Make them visual: Write them down where you will see them everyday or as often as possible; add pictures if applicable.
  8. Make a public announcement: whether you announce it to one person or to the world, saying it out loud to someone else other than yourself helps you stay accountable. 
  9. Reward yourself: Now that you know how to track your progress, reward yourself every time you reach a milestone. Doing that will encourage you to keep going to ’till the end.


Happy resolution making day, and Happy New Year 2015!

From my heart,



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