Ican be defined by many terms including spiritual leader, athlete, author, speaker, entrepreneur, philosopher, life coach, joker, healer, brother, son, etc. I consider myself a life learner and a spiritual warrior: One who conquers oneself by working from the inside out.

I enjoy big ideas, and I like to think that everything I say is for a reason; when it seems like I’m losing the central focus of a conversation, often I’m painting an image so that when I get to the point, it will all make sense.

I honor my truth and other people’s truth; I am sometimes ‘brutally’ honest; I call it having “ruthless compassion.” Sometimes people need to hear what will empower them instead of what will make them feel good; because my goal is to create long-lasting, empowering change in people, I do my best to see things from a higher perspective. 

I was born on December 1st 1984 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I came in the U.S. when I was 19 years old and attended Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa to study communications. I then transferred to Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia to pursue a degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Spanish. I dropped out of college in my last semester due to unforeseen circumstances; I’m now very comfortable with that decision and do not intend on returning to college.

Your career doesn’t define your life’s mission

Growing up, I have always been curious about life, its meaning and the human nature. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer, a psychologist, a filmmaker, an author, a spiritual leader, a doctor, an entrepreneur, a construction manager, a mechanical engineer, a computer programmer, a marketing specialist and so much more. I realized that there is not enough years in one life to accomplish all of that through formal education. So I’ve decided to be a student of life and never stop learning new skills. And this was before I read Mark Twain’s quote “I never let schooling interfere with my education” which is right on!

I truly believe that we all have a mission in this world, but many people confuse having a career to a life’s mission. Most people do not accomplish their life’s mission in the career path they choose because they only picked it in order to pay the bills. A career is only one of the roles we play in society like a parent, a son, a husband, a church member, a classmate, etc. After coming to the U.S., I realized that I couldn’t feel complete with a college degree because it was training me for a career, and not a lifestyle. I started to examine my life’s mission and chose to go beyond college books. Here is what I realized:

  1.  Education and training are not the same thing. School gives you fundamental knowledge to train for a career. Life gives you the tools you need to educate yourself for a successful life.
  1. Most people tip toe their life to death. Fully being alive is boldly and passionately doing things on purpose and with a purpose that’s bigger than us.
  1. Happiness and success truly comes from the inside out. First you need to know who your higher self is; secondly you should never stop feeding your mind with knowledge and self-improvement, and only then you can have true happiness in your ‘outside’ world.




CHANGE the world

Always seek divine TRUTH

Ruthless COMPASSION for all people

WISDOM that only comes from the Spirit

INTEGRITY by knowing my true self and being whole


  • Languages: French, English, Swahili, Lingala and some Spanish
  • Hobbies: dancing, playing the bass, watching movies and documentaries, reading, sports/martial arts, fishing, camping, etc.
  • Pet peeves: tardiness, indecisiveness, flakiness
  • Weaknesses: clumsiness, impatience, sometimes sets too high expectations for people
  • Strengths: honesty, strength, loyalty

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