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A letter to my child

Disclaimer: This is not an announcement that I’m about to be a father. It’s a letter that I would like my future children to read and keep close to heart no matter what they go through in life; it’s the expression of what I would like them […]

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Going with the FLOW whether you feel motivated or not

Here’s a video on how to use “flow” to take advantage of your highest (most motivated) moments while understanding your lowest (least motivated) ones.  

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What is love?

What is love?

Falling in love can be out of our control but staying and standing in love is a choice. It’s a choice to nurture a relationship; it’s a choice to enjoy every single great moment; it’s a choice to find the lesson in every difficult moment. And it’s […]

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9 Secrets to Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Good bye 2014 and hello 2015! It’s that time of the year again, when we reflect on the time spent (or wasted), the past and future goals and accomplishments, and more. Many people make New Year’s resolutions every year; I would say that 90% of those who […]

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Smart goals for smart people – How anyone can set achievable goals

The world is full of intelligent people who have great ideas and great intentions; what’s the difference between those who have good intentions and those who actually accomplish their goals and make their dreams a reality? There are a lot of things that come into play like […]

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I Dare you to Stop Daring to Dream!

Have you ever heard people say “Dare to dream!” Well I’ll be the first one today to tell you stop doing it. Say that sentence out loud, stop reading this before continuing, and notice or write down everything that comes to mind. Your physiology, internal visuals, feelings, […]

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