An esoteromantic transphodisiac poem


I’m the symbol to the meaning of it all

The interlocked triangles that transcend duality
I’m the circle of infinity, the pointed edges and rigid angles of divinity and the smooth flow of continuity…
From the source of its frequency to the amplitude of its vibration
I’m the intentional upward movement because everything moves
And the imperfect direction of the waves because everything changes
I can show you how fire teaches us to create so that our passion build us up…
How earth teaches us to feel so that as we dance barefeet, our hearts synchronize…
How air teaches us to see so that as we breathe, we observe time…
And how water can take us where everything flows and where words are irrelevant
In my world we’ll shine brighter than our darkness without ignoring our shadows…
We’ll let the music transcend our souls until we transmute our sadness into healing wings…
And we’ll make love until we reattribute each color to its corresponding sound.
I’m the mirror that will show you the true climax achieved when your energy creates and realigns you to your divine nature.
I’m the sculptor that will show you that your body represents the symbols that hold the secrets of this world.
I’m your magic staff, designed to heal through balance and awaken through the senses.

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