A letter to my child

Disclaimer: This is not an announcement that I’m about to be a father. It’s a letter that I would like my future children to read and keep close to heart no matter what they go through in life; it’s the expression of what I would like them to know about me if I don’t live long to tell them or show them; it’s the summary of the purposely shaped man that I am today, in balance with the divine feminine and masculine.


My child, One day you will get to read this letter, and even if it takes you a thousand times, you will also be able to comprehend it fully.

There will be a time in your childhood where everything will seem confusing; as if adults have lost their minds and have become irrational and less compassionate.

There might also be a time where you will forget that specific moment because, to survive, you might have to assimilate.

This is a letter to remind you who you are so that you can spend some time to go back to that moment of clarity before the veil.

From the moment you were conceived, you were magical. Imagine, out of many millions of cells, only one made it to the finish line; and not even the closest twins can have the exact matching DNA. You are here, not by nature’s default, but because you were worthy enough to be at this specific time and space.

This letter is a reminder of who you are, beyond what the world may try to convince you. You are Royalty and that means that it is my hope that you will naturally understand and develop these qualities:

You will lead in harmony with love and authority

You will dance like a god and fight like a warrior

You will ask more questions than you will have answers

You will give yourself fully to every task without letting the concept of time trap you in the past or the future

You will trust your intuition because you know that Truth comes from within You will choose expression over repression

You will choose honesty and integrity over comfort

You will embrace your mistakes because they teach you growth

You will look in every person’s eyes searching their soul and remembering that they too have a story to tell

You will remember that everyone you touch is a part of you, just like I will always be a part of you

You will have active faith, knowing that you will be guided in the right path as long as you continue to move forward

You will choose to be gentle and graceful with your words and your actions even when they reprimand another person’s behavior

You will choose to heal than to hurt You will build bridges instead of walls

And lastly, you will cry as if you’re feeling all the pain of this world and after you’re done, you will walk on fire with a smile.

Most importantly, my child, you will do these things not for me or for others, but because it is who you are.

The world I live in now is in a very important transition, and it is my opinion that you and your generation will finish the work that many have started to heal the world and bring humanity together. I encourage you to break every barrier you encounter and challenge all social norms constructed by another human being. Inside of you, you already have all the answers you need, and this letter will always guide you in the right direction.

Remember that every decision you make only comes from two places: love or fear. Every time you choose love, you will not only be empowered, but you will always be guided closer to your true mission here on earth.

Lastly, remember that every time you feel lost, overwhelmed, or alone, you can always touch your heart. With every heartbeat, know that I’ve been where you are, that I’ve felt what you feel and that you will never be alone because I will dance for you, heal through you and fight by you until you rediscover the royal warrior within you.

I love all of you here in your past as I’m writing, now in your present as you’re reading and forever more in this life and the next!

From my heart,

Your Dad


P.S. Always choose LOVE…


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