What is love?

love isFalling in love can be out of our control but staying and standing in love is a choice.

It’s a choice to nurture a relationship; it’s a choice to enjoy every single great moment; it’s a choice to find the lesson in every difficult moment.

And it’s a choice to understand what we were there to learn and to teach; it’s a choice to understand that we’re not supposed to hoard people, but to love them is to be willing to let them go, otherwise we’ll stop our own growth or theirs.

Love does not equal survival. Often we love because we need to feel loved, to be held, to be taken care of, to be understood, etc. But all those reasons are directly related to us and our need for survival and relevance; nothing about those emotions is about the person we claim to love. It’s about ego.

Unconditional love is accepting them as they are while encouraging them to grow; it’s leaving your past behind and learning the lessons you’re meant to learn now; it’s knowing that you can’t change them -and you shouldn’t- and that you can’t control their thoughts, feelings or actions -and you shouldn’t.

Unconditional love is giving yourself fully until there is nothing left to give. When the last tears leave your body then you know you’ve given it all and are ready to be replenished with self-love, self-care and self-respect. Only then can you look at yourself in the mirror and take an inventory of the person you’ve become. A beautiful human being who have learned to feel deeply in order to get one step closer to their higher self. So you take a deep breath and you love again.

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