Are you on a mission to love or to divide?


Never look down on a person as long as they’re still alive. Life has its way of teaching us lessons on humility. 
Don’t judge a person by their bank account, the color of their skin, their gender or anything else that you assume “makes” them, but on their character, their actions, their passions, their spirit and who they really are from the inside out.

Yes, I’m disgusted when a Black man calls me his nigga, sir, or brother depending on what he assumes about my appearance.

Yes, I’m disgusted when I’m an automatic suspect when I look like a regular Black man but I’m given fake privileges when it looks like I can spend some money.

Yes, I’m disgusted when a Black person questions my friendships with White folks or tells me that I act “white” or don’t act “black enough.”

Yes, I’m disgusted when an old white lady tells me I’m very articulate and intelligent as if it was a shock.

And yes, I’m disgusted when fighting for racial equality turns into “hate on the other race.”

But what I’m most disgusted about is when we feed these issues with our emotions, when we see them with our physical eyes and when we give them power with our words.

The world is in trouble because everyday we forget to remind ourselves what really matters. When we fail to recognize that there are dark forces whose goals is to divide/separate and conquer, we become weak and give in to our emotions without evaluating what energy we’re feeding.

When we generalize, we separate. It’s us versus them. It’s good versus bad. It’s right versus wrong.

When we do that, we automatically shut the door for improvement, for empowerment, for love. 
When we do that, we completely ignore, reverse, and shut down all the work that has been done by Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Christ and others who have come before and after, not to separate but to fight “the world” with LOVE. Not feed into hate and fear but to enlighten us to see what’s really going on.

What’s really going on is that there are those who live in Love and those who live in Fear. There are those of us who are warriors and whose mission is to enlighten the world to recognize those two kinds of spirits. Some of us have forgotten our mission and have given into the fear, the hate and the separation.

Remember that we are spiritual beings first; our spirit doesn’t have a race, a gender, a sexual orientation, a religion, a political affiliation and any other characteristics that are illusions of this world to keep us blind. There are only high energy (love) spirits and low energy (fear) spirits. Choose your team carefully!

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