When people choose to NOT acknowledge you


I’m the kind of person who loves to be acknowledged, recognized, thanked; I love to be told that I’ve done a good job. And sometimes, I realize that no matter what I do, there are people who have already chosen to dismiss me, either because of the color of my skin or because I’m an immigrant, or because of my accent, or because of my gender identity, or even because of my spiritual beliefs.

It took me a while to come to a place of self care and self love. The more I increased my emotional intelligence, the more I realized that many people have the same patterns. Not because they don’t love themselves, but because they expect others to automatically see what they see; because they’re very passionate about the work they do, they get upset and sometimes drained when there are people who take their work for granted or belittle it.

My advice is don’t look for approval, recognition or validation from people who have chosen to dismiss you. Speak louder with your actions than with your words. Transmute your anger into a motivational passion; flood them with love because it’s the only power that can never be denied. Focus on those who believe and those who want to believe in you. Know your own worth by knowing your values and what you’ll always stand for. Start with self worth and self approval first. The best statement is not “I will prove to you that I’m worthy” but “I AM worthy and the proof is in how I love and how I show it.” Once you’ve established that pattern and it’s rooted within you, then you can proudly say “I’m fighting for those who don’t feel worthy, to show them that they too are worthy and don’t need approval from anyone else.”

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